Eavesdrop Brewery has humble beginnings. What used to be a Racing Pigeon loft now supports our love of making beer.

What is a Racing Pigeon?

The Racing Homer is a special breed of pigeon that competes in traveling carefully measured distances in an amount of time before returning home. Pigeon Racing goes back thousands of years and because of this special heritage of our property, we honor the Racing Pigeon in our logo and throughout our brewery.

About 8 years ago, the property was purchased by Frank Madden. Spending countless hours and attention to detail, Frank with the help of his team, has turned this old pigeon loft in to one of Northern Virginia’s premier craft beer destinations.

We invite you to come by, have a great beer, and enjoy the ambiance that our family-friendly brewery has to offer.


Frank Madden • Co-Owner of Eavesdrop Brewery

Frank Madden is the other owner of Eavesdrop Brewery. Frank has degrees in the Engineering field from GWU and worked as a Telecommunication Specialist at engineering companies before starting his own company almost 22 years ago. Looking for change, Frank sold his company and pursued a new career in real estate by building multi-tenant properties in Prince William County. At one of these properties, Frank had the dream of opening a brewery and so was born, Eavesdrop.

Bob Esposito • Co-Owner / Head Brewer

Bob Esposito is part of the ownership dynamic duo as well as the Head Brewer.  Prior to joining the brewing industry Bob spent over 25 years in the Information Technology field.  His first exposure to brewing came 20 years ago when he received a beer kit as a Christmas present.  While that first batch was an unmitigated disaster his passion for craft beer and his desire to be creative never waned.  In the decade before joining Eavesdrop, Bob’s journey in craft brewing became much more serious.  In 2016 he received his diploma from the American Brewers Guild for completing their Intensive Brewing Science and Engineering Program.  At that point he made the decision to end his IT career and join the Brewing industry.  Starting over means starting at the bottom.  There was a lot of bottling, lifting and moving of pallets of cases and kegs of beer as well as a lot of cleaning, bartending and working behind the register.  All this culminated with him taking over the mash paddle at Eavesdrop.  Now he turns his passion into a diverse set of offerings hoping to do right by those who came before him while always delivering high quality beer that puts a smile on your face.

Sam • General Manager/Events Director

Meet Sam!

If you’ve been to our tasting room, then there’s a good chance that you’ve probably seen Sam behind the bar or walking around our different spaces coordinating an event for the brewery. Sam’s a huge sports fan, Redskins football is his life! Before working at Eavesdrop, Sam finished his undergraduate degree at Virginia Commonwealth University and plans to continue his education at grad school this fall! In the meantime, he’s our operations/event manager and is now learning how to help Bob brew! When he’s not in the tasting room, he might be found enjoying the great outdoors with his dog or hanging out with some friends at other local breweries

Sandra • Marketing & Communication Manager

Sandra is the Marketing and Communication Manager for the brewery.


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